Cooking Class was an excellent experience
Ravneet K dice:
10 / 10
I did not expect to spend the afternoon travelling on a local bus carrying a plastic bag containing a live iguana!
The tour started with a visit to the market to buy the ingredients. And Hector enthusiastically showed me other local foodstuff such as the cheeses and sauces.
We took a bus to a quiet historic neighbourhood where we met and chatted with a few people on the way and picked up some tortillas. I unsuccessfully tried making one.
The soup was not difficult to make (although it would be hard to find iguanas in the market back home). But chatting with the family and tucking into the delicious soup thereafter was nice.
This is one of the few trips where you are upclose with Nicaraguan life and all the Nicas I met were warm and unforgettable.

A Sun, 12/27/2015 sobre Cooking workshop
The perfect way to experience Nicaraguan culture!”
Gafly G. dice:
9 / 10
I love immersing myself in local culture when I travel, and the cooking tour made for a perfect morning. My guide picked me up from my hotel. It was just the two of us as no one else had booked, so I lucked out and had a private tour to myself. We started by walking to the market. He gave me the shopping list and we stopped at multiple vendors to get everything we needed. This is the perfect place to practice your Spanish. After shopping we hopped on a local bus for a short ride through town. That was definitely an adventure to say the least! Our first stop was a tortilla kitchen, where I got to make tortillas. It was short walk from there to the family's house that I would be cooking with. We made a chicken stew with cornmeal, mint, plantains, onions, sweet peppers, and a couple of other ingredients I'm forgetting. We also had fresh pico de gallo that we made, as well as an assortment of fresh cheeses from the market, to go with our tortillas. To wash all this good food down was a typical drink made with cornmeal, berries, sugar and water. The family was very gracious and welcoming and the kids had the brightest smiles. The best part was I only paid $22 for the tour! It's an experience I surely won't forget any time soon.

A Wed, 03/25/2015 sobre Cooking workshop
Wonderfull experience, Nicaragua Asi!
Björn Holvoet dice:
8 / 10
We did the cooking workshop with Nicasi tours and had a wonderful time. First we got to see the local market where we bought all the products we needed to prepare a local dish with iguana. The guide was really friendly, at the market he really let us do the shopping allowing us the experience. Afterwards we went to a tortilla factory where we saw how the local woman produce the tortilla, you also get the possibility to make one your own. During the workshop you work with products like yucca and you get to know how to prepare them. We had a really pleasant experience, with a friendly guide and wonderful and welcoming family.

A Tue, 04/26/2016 sobre Cooking workshop
Mindy Frye dice:
10 / 10
are you guys still open? i would like to book the cooking tour.

A Sat, 10/01/2016 sobre Cooking workshop