Nicaragua Así Tours was set up for people who are interested in seeing more of Nicaragua than you can imagine exists. We take you to places you usually wouldn’t think of visiting; An indigenous neighborhood, ancient jails, local artists, a cow or bull farm, a tree. All the things that inspired León and still are a huge part of the local culture, which merely travelling, you miss.

The activities that are organized for you will give an insight in how people really live in León, you experience a day in the life of a Nicaraguan. No secrets, no exaggerations, no covering up the truth. Sometimes shocking. If you are curious, really curious about the real life, ask for one of the tours and you will not be disappointed. Nicaragua Así Tours gives you a different view of León, Nicaragua and will complete your travel.

We work together with local people and families. This way you have the opportunity to ask questions about life and culture, maybe practice your Spanish and get to know the real Nicaragua.