Cooking Workshop
Curious about the people who live in León? Always wanted to know how to make a tortilla? Now is your chance This workshop is a mixture of culture, history and local food. We visit one of the local markets, where you find fruits and vegetables unknown to you. After this we will visit a Sutiavan family, who live and cook as they always have. We spend time with Doña Ana, who loves to tell you stories about her family history while she reveals her secrets of the Leonese cuisine. After this workshop you will know how to cook a typical Nicaraguan meal for your friends at home.
City tours
NicAsí Tours offers several different excursions & means to absorb León in your own way. Together with your guide you will make a tour through the beautiful León with all its colonial and cultural highlights. You will see what makes Nicaraguans proud to be Nicaraguan. You will learn about their past in order to understand their present and their future.
Pedicure & cocktail
Travelling is demanding. It almost makes you forget about your outer beauty. Dust in your clothes, pores and under your nails. Dust everywhere! Want to get rid of it and feel, look and smell clean again? Like a Nica Chica, just take the day off from your busy schedule to relax, sit back and enjoy being pampered in a Nicaraguan way. We invite a local beauty specialist to spoil you. Don't hesitate to give yourself a gift and take care of your beauty while you enjoy a delicious cocktail on the side!
Cowboy day
Have a childhood dream, that never came true? We visit two local ranches, where we prepare and ride an ox cart, saddle & ride horses side by side with the local cowboys. The cowboys at the ranch teach us how to lasso and use a machete & slingshot. We spend time on the ranch, enjoying the nature of a real cowboy life, sharing time and a BBQ with them. You will even get the sensation of being one yourself! After a busy day we definitely need to cool down in the beautiful river “El Juguete”.
Traditional Rooster Fights
Every Sunday afternoon we visit a local family in Sutiava, which organizes the traditional Gallera, or rooster fights for their friends and family. The owner of the farm, Don Pedro, and his wife, Doña Ana, will welcome us on the typical Nicaraguan way: with a warm heart, an open mind and helping hands. Enjoy local beer, rum and soft drinks, all included in the price! All this plus a detailed explanation of the betting, history and tradition of the fights.
History & Revolution tour
Since León is a centre of Sandinista way of thinking, there is much history to explore & understand. The history tour that is organized for you brings you back to the conquistadores & the revolution. Together with your guide you will explore several historical sites & highlights. This tour leads you to places you never thought about visiting.
Isla Juan Venado & Concha Negra
While you are enjoying León and her beautiful cultural highlights, you almost forgot the nature! First we visit a cooperative that grow the Concha Negra in their natural habitat and we enjoy the typical Nicaraguan cocktail the Concha Negra. The finca de Concha Negra is a nursery of a crustacean called Concha Negra. The Concha Negra is sold to eat, and is considered to be an aphrodisiac.